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Advertising Tactics Must Be Transparent

Dodano: 2017-11-04 09:27:07

Apple opened its new Michigan Avenue location Oct. 20. The roof of the store - sleek and curved gray - was set to carry a white Apple logo in its center, resembling the iconic MacBook laptop, but less than an hour after placement June 22, the sticker was rolled up and removed without explanation . Still, the architecture\s resemblance to the popular product has not gone unnoticed by Chicago residents.
Besides its clever architecture, something is out of place with Apple\s new downtown location: the company is calling it a \"town square\" instead of a store.
It\s clear the Apple store\s product-replica appearance and commercial intentions, in combination with the store\s incompatible \"town square\" title, to remove the boundary between public space and commercial space. However, the major technology corporation lacks transparency in doing so.

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